HOW TO BRING MOVEMENT TO STORYTIME Reading aloud to children is proven to have social, emotional, and behavioral benefits. Storytime is also an opportunity to incorporate physical activity into your child’s day. Plus, adding movement to storytime may get your child excited about reading.   Before you begin reading, choose five to 10 repetitive words in the book and attach an exercise to each. For example, every time you hear “red,” do five jumping jacks. It’s […]

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Nerf Wars

Nerf Wars Events All the fun of paintball without the paint Nerf Wars is very similar to Paintball but a lot safer and it doesn’t hurt when you get hit! We use a selection of pump-action Nerf guns. The purpose of the game (like Paintball) is to avoid getting hit and to try and hit players […]

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Sports Hydration

Sports Hydration Guide Summertime is here, so you’ve got no more excuses for not going outside to get some physical activity. Outdoor activity is a great way to put the fun into fitness — but it requires paying special attention to hydration. When it’s warm, your body perspires more to help you cool down. And depending on the […]

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