College Community is closed the following days:

  • September 16th (In-Service)
  • October 14th (In-Service)
  • November 11th (In-Service)
  • January 20th (In-Service)
  • February 17th (In-Service)
  • April 10th (No school)
  • April 20th (In-Service)
  • May 4th (In-Service)

We open at 6am for early drop off and close at 6pm for late drop off. Normal hours are 8:30-4:30pm.

To register call us at (319) 365-1454 or email us at

When College Community has in service days or if school is ever cancelled for Cedar Rapids or College Community – Kids First will be open to provide child care for your kids!

We are a fully licensed DHS facility, so we MUST have proper paperwork BEFORE you can attend.