Nerf Wars

Nerf Wars Events

Nerf Wars

Nerf Wars Events

All the fun of paintball without the paint

Nerf Wars is very similar to Paintball but a lot safer and it doesn’t hurt when you get hit! We use a selection of pump-action Nerf guns.

The purpose of the game (like Paintball) is to avoid getting hit and to try and hit players who are on the opposite team. It encourages children to move about and get active whilst having loads of fun at the same time.

We play so many different versions of Nerf Wars here at Kids 1st Gym, that children will never get bored. We have tents as barricades that allow players to hide inside or behind them and play games such as ‘Medic’ or ‘Great Escape’ which require the children to use their imagination, work as a team, practice decision making, and think independently. Currently one of our most popular games is ‘Fortnite’. The balls are transformed into grenades and the children are encouraged to duck, dive and run from them to get to safety!

Once they have tried Nerf Wars – they will be hooked! 

This really is a perfect way to get your child active, work up a sweat and burn off some of that boundless energy! If you normally struggle to get them up and about, you will not do for Nerf. It is a fun but structured game in a controlled and safe environment.

We use pump action Nerf guns and provide safety goggles to ensure your child’s safety. Nerf Wars can be played inside or outside in all weather conditions. When playing inside we have a whole host of special effects we can use, such as our brilliant UV lights, disco lights, UV face paint and sometimes we might even play Star Wars music for effect!

Nerf Wars
Nerf Wars

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