When-Are-Kids-Ready-to-Start-a-Gymnastics-Program-Kids-First-GymnasticsDo you find that your child loves to launch off the living room couch, climb on to the kitchen counters, or somersault down the hallway? If so, perhaps you’ve thought about trading out your furniture for a kids’ gymnastics class.

A gymnastics program can be a practical solution for kids who have a lot of energy and are always searching for any outlet they can find.

So, When Can Your Child Start?

Many gymnastics programs start enrolling kids in tumbling or gymnastics as early as pre-school (about two to three years old). Early on, these toddlers begin to develop strength and flexibility, as well as motor skills such as balance and coordination. The foundational skills learned in a Pre-K gymnastics program gradually build into more complex skills and more advanced gymnastics classes, including both recreational and competitive programs.

At the same time, it’s never too late to enroll your child in gymnastics. Kids don’t need these early gymnastics programs to get started with more advanced options designed for older kids (ages six and older).

What are Some of the Benefits?

Physical Activity – Gymnastics programs are a fun and structured way to get kids moving around. It’s an excellent option for both active and less active kids.

Social Interaction – Kids get the social benefit of interacting with both their instructor and the other kids in a class.

Individual Improvement – With an activity like gymnastics, the focus is on each child’s individual development. The non-competitive environment encourages kids to be themselves and to learn at their own pace. Focusing on this personal improvement helps build self-confidence and self-esteem in kids of any age.

Positive Environment – Kids are encouraged to learn and keep trying, even if they mess up or don’t quite master a skill right away.

Getting your child involved with a gymnastics program provides a fun and positive experience. At Kids First Gymnastics in Cedar Rapids, we’d love to introduce your child to all that gymnastics has to offer. Check out our program offerings for all ages and experience levels.

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